From Laundry Room to Living Room

If you use your basement primarily for storage, laundry or lifting weights, you are missing a prime home improvement opportunity.Basement

Remodeling your basement into usable, comfortable living space can add considerable value to your home. However, there’s more to remodeling your basement than hanging drywall and laying carpet. It requires the design and construction services of a skilled, experienced home improvement contractor.


Expert Basement Remodeling by Iron River

In the Charlotte area, the name for professional basement remodeling is Iron River Building Group. Iron River has the expertise to transform your old basement into a den, office, game room, or all of the above. Depending on your available space, your basement could become a mother-in-law suite or even a rental property.

The opportunity to add value and living space is right under your feet. Get the process started by completing the following form. An Iron River consultant will contact you shortly.  You may also view some pictures of our previous Basement projects.

Why Iron River is Different

Ten years ago we founded Iron River on a simple premise: we would build and remodel homes to suit the Customer’s lifestyle – not force Customers to fit their lifestyle to the home. This type of proactive homebuilding and remodeling requires time, effort and thought.

We are proud of the basement projects we have completed in the Charlotte, Lake Norman and Rock Hill areas, and Iron River Customers have been thrilled with the results.

Iron River means Professional Construction

A truly professional home building and remodeling company is more than a collection of skilled tradesmen – though Iron River is second to none in this regard. Skilled construction talent is just one of many important ingredients for business success. Iron River consulted with experts in the areas of finance, legal affairs, and marketing to help insure our success and longevity. Iron River wants to build and remodel your home, your next home, your kids’ homes, and so on.

The lessons of Measure Twice, Cut Once apply to business practices as well as carpentry.
Planning and discipline are the hallmarks of every aspect of Iron River Building Group, Inc.

Today, our original planning and discipline are reaping dividends. Iron River’s business operations run consistently, smoothly, and efficiently. This allows us to focus on our Customers and their home construction and remodeling projects in the Charlotte, Lake Norman and Rock Hill area.

Iron River means High Quality Work

At Iron River Building Group, we believe that there are three components to quality:

  1. Safety and precision at every step of the project,
  2. Discipline and integrity in our business operations, and
  3. A comfortable and reassuring overall Customer experience.

These concepts are the core of our home construction and remodeling business. If these concepts are important to you, Iron River Building Group is the right company for your project. Contact us today, and let’s start working on your dream home!