Outdoor Living / Porches

Why stay cooped up inside when you can extend the livable portion of your property by creating outdoor living spaces?

Outdoor Living

You can have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor living – from screened porches, decks, patios and sunrooms to an outdoor kitchen, barbeque fire pit or grill island. We can turn ordinary backyards into extraordinary outdoor living spaces. We use our expertise in specialty construction and design to develop a master plan, and then we make it happen within your budgetary needs.

Outdoor living spaces are beautiful and can increase the value of your home.

The biggest challenge for a homeowner is deciding how to divide up their yard to maximize the enjoyment of the outdoor space. Deciding where to place the outdoor stone fireplace, fire pit, or type of hardscape or poolscapes can be intimidating. Our experienced designers will help you plan your outdoor living space to maximize your enjoyment and aesthetics. You will soon find that your outdoor room becomes everyone’s favorite room. An oasis that feels like you’re on vacation but is only steps away from your own backdoor.  You may also view some pictures of our previous Outdoor Living  projects.

Why Iron River is Different

In 2003, we founded our company on the premise that there is a market for Customers who want to build a unique home or remodel an existing home that is perfectly suited to their lifestyle. Our homes and remodeling projects are built to support your lifestyle, rather than having a lifestyle that fits with your home. In order to achieve this goal all that is required is time, effort and thought.

We are proud of the outdoor projects we have created and our Customers have been thrilled with the results.

Professional Construction

Generally, very talented and skilled professional tradesmen seek to leverage their expertise in the construction process only to find that this is just one of many important ingredients for business success. We consulted with experts in the areas of finance, legal affairs, and marketing to insure that our Customers can do business with a company that is prepared for the long term.

The lessons of Measure Twice, Cut Once apply to business practices as well as carpentry.
Planning and discipline are the hallmarks of every aspect of Iron River Building Group, Inc.

Today, our original planning and discipline are reaping dividends. Our business operations run consistently, smoothly, and efficiently. This allows us to focus on our Customers and their projects.

High Quality Work

At Iron River Building Group, we believe that quality encompasses three basic concepts:

1. Safety and precision for home building means and methods.

2. Discipline and integrity in our business operations.

3. A comfortable and confident overall Customer experience.

The core of our business is built on these three concepts. If these issues are important to you, Iron River Building Group is the right company for your project.

Road to Success

Your lifestyle is the foundation of all our residential remodeling projects. While speed and cost are important factors in any residential remodeling project, well-crafted designs will transform a house into a home.

From the idea phase to the completion of your home remodeling project, we listen. Our builders use their knowledge and creativity to design a custom home or remodeling project that complements your everyday life. Great attention is paid to every detail.


These concepts are the core of our home construction and remodeling business. If these concepts are important to you, Iron River Building Group is the right company for your project. Contact us today, and let’s start working on your dream home!