Modern, efficient businesses rely on technology for their key infrastructure. This is true for the use of modern technology in construction means and methods as well as back office business infrastructure.

At Iron River Building Group, we believe that a robust and resilient infrastructure is a normal and necessary part of business.

Customer Protection

As a result, we have applied our years of business experience in the development of an infrastructure that offers maximum protection for our Customers and significant growth potential for our Company.

It is the simple things that save you. We make complete back-up of all of our systems every day. We use fire-safe on-site as well as off-site storage for our system backups. Compared to the typical General Contracting firm, our business acumen stands alone and above.

Why Should You Care?

While this may not seem overwhelmingly important to you as a Customer, it helps us to maintain and run our business in a consistent way. Because of the efforts we have applied to the back office and administrative side of our Company, we have an almost flawless track record for paying our bills on-time.

Our suppliers and subcontractors give us preferential treatment because of the efficient way we communicate with them and pay our bills. Our e-mail, fax and accounting systems are redundant and available world wide. You will never ask Iron River for something and have a reply of we lost it or our computer died and it is gone.

As a Customer, our robust infrastructure has been built to provide an extra layer of protection for you. We feel that this is another important example of our methodical approach to protecting our Customers that separates us from the field.