building inspector

Every Builder Company you encounter will insist that they are a “Quality Builder” and build the “Best Quality Homes”. In our view, quality is a relative term.

That is, it can only be considered from the viewpoint of the reader. What one person thinks of as quality work may be considered shoddy by another.

Standards of Quality

Sorting through this issue is difficult if not impossible for the prospective home owner. It is important to apply your own standards to the issue of quality and look for a builder that shares your perspective.

Core Business

At Iron River Building Group, we believe that quality encompasses three basic concepts:

1. Safety and precision for home building means and methods.

2. Discipline and integrity in our business operations.

3. A comfortable and confident overall Customer experience.

The core of our business is built on these three concepts. If these issues are important to you, Iron River Building Group is the right company for your project.