Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

Iron River Building Group, Inc was formed in 2003, by Mike Towery, a 2nd generation home builder.

Where do you work?

We work in and around the Greater Charlotte Metro, this would include Lake Norman, Rock Hill and Fort Mill areas.

What kind of work do you focus on?

We are a full-service residential construction company, focusing on all aspects of altering your existing home. We have experience in remodeling, additions, and new construction. We like projects that we can perform for clients who appreciate the benefits of a professional construction firm.

How do I start the remodeling process?

The beginning of the process can be as simple as a phone call to our office.  If you are certain that your project will require engineered drawings and you do not have a current relationship with an architect or designer, we would encourage you to contact one of our preferred resources.  Bring ideas and concepts that speak to what you want to do. Clipping pictures or taking photos from the Internet will also help us understand what you’re trying to accomplish. From that first meeting, we will clearly articulate the steps to accomplish your vision.

What if we have an architect already?

Excellent! We always welcome the opportunity to expand our business relationships.

Do I need to have an interior designer?

The short answer is no. This being said the real question needs to be: Is the scope of work, along with your skills at selecting products and colors, commensurate with the demands of the project and your expectations of the final result? We often see the use of a talented designer to be a tremendous benefit to everyone.

Do you provide fixed price contracts?

Our process involves a no-cost, no-obligation meeting to determine if we are a good fit for you and your project. At this first meeting we will provide you, to the best of our ability a very rough budgetary range. If it is determined that it would be mutually beneficial to continue to the next step we would receive a small deposit to create a comprehensive proposal. If you choose to have us do the work the entire deposit will be credited to the first draw on the project.

What is a cost plus contract?

A cost plus contact is when we submit invoices on a periodic basis including all back-up data and a percentage added to cover our overhead and profit.  This is most frequently used when the scope of work is difficult to quantify or we are engaged to take over projects that are being mismanaged.

How much will the work cost?

The right price for high quality workmanship managed well. Put another way it will be a bargain compared to poor quality work mismanaged and corrected multiple times. Square footage pricing for budgetary purposes has little value without discussions about complexity and the level of finishes.

What is a typical payment schedule?

On fixed-price jobs we have a draw schedule in the contract which outlines draw points. These are tied to milestones such as completion of drywall or completion of block-work. Typically we require 10% at contract signing, then various progress draws culminating with a draw due upon completion of final punch list.

What about change orders?

On fixed-price jobs, change orders occur as a result of one of two events. One is when the owner requests a change in the scope of work and the other is when a latent defect is uncovered necessitating a remedy which requires additional work. At this point the customer is consulted and a change order is created with a clear scope of work and associated costs. It is then scheduled, signed, and added to the next scheduled invoice.

When do I pick out fixtures, flooring, etc.?

The selection process should begin as soon as possible. After we sign a contract, we will get a list to you with the associated allowances. Then we will set up a meeting in which we discuss the various fixtures and components necessary for your job. At that point, we will set up meetings with particular vendors with whom we have a good working relationship.

Do you subcontract some of the work?

We subcontract most of our work. Each of our subcontractors is tried and tested. Most of the craftsmen that work with us, have been working with us since our conception. We believe in treating our trades well, and reaping the benefits of loyal and responsive workers.

How do I find out more?

You may give us a call or send us an email…


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