We cover the basics. It is no secret that the construction landscape is littered with the remnants of failed building operations.


Experience has shown and experts agree that most businesses fail because of a lack of standard business discipline. This is perhaps more true for the building profession than any other.

The inability to manage cash flow, paperwork, generally accepted accounting procedures, and other normal business processes has undermined countless builders.


Generally, very talented and skilled professional tradesmen seek to leverage their expertise in the construction process only to find that this is just one of many important ingredients for business success.

Long before we opened our doors, we spent months preparing the appropriate Corporate, Financial, and Legal structure to protect our Customers’ investments in our products.


We consulted with experts in the areas of finance, legal affairs, and marketing to insure that our Customers can do business with a company that is prepared for the long term.

The lessons of Measure Twice, Cut Once apply to business practices as well as carpentry. Planning and discipline are the hallmarks of every aspect of Iron River Building Group, Inc.

Today, our original planning and discipline are reaping dividends. Our business operations run consistently, smoothly, and efficiently. This allows us to focus on our Customers and their projects.