Our Story


In 2003, we founded our company on the premise that there is a market for Customers who want to build a unique home or remodel an existing home that is perfectly suited to their lifestyle.

Our Belief

Our belief was that the home building market had evolved into a mass produced collection of houses.

Individuality, thoughtful craftsmanship and quality had taken a back seat to speed and profits. This was a conclusion that we did not come to quickly.

The Lost Art of Thinking

For several years before we opened our doors, we took classes, attended seminars, went to trade shows, read trade publications and visited more construction sites than we could count.

Almost universally, we found that the market for new homes had turned into an industry dominated by big businesses. The market leaders were and continue to be large publicly traded companies that are driven more by stock price and Wall Street expectations than quality construction.

Thoughtful, careful consideration of how people live has been discarded in favor of efficiency and repeatable processes. As a result every house started to look about the same. In order to compete with the huge economies of scale of these giant builders, smaller regional and local builders were forced to adopt to a more cookie cutter approach.

Lifelong Passion

To fulfill a lifelong passion we decided to recapture the lost art of thinking while building. Guided by our practical and technical experience, we have developed a process where the Customer truly is the most import part of each project. The starting point for every great project is how you live or want to live.

Our homes and remodeling projects are built to support your lifestyle, rather than having a lifestyle that fits with your home. In order to achieve this goal all that is required is time, effort and thought. We are proud of the homes we have created and our Customers have been thrilled with the results.